Introduction to Key Business Numbers (KBN)

What are Key Business Numbers, and how do I record them?

Key Business Numbers (KBN) are the specific figures and factual data that can be used to gauge growth objectively. They provide a definitive roadmap for assessing the effectiveness of the coaching process and determining its success. You can see the literal changes that coaching will have on your business, but only if you commit and make the necessary changes. 

  • Log into Workbench,
  • Click the "Business Numbers" option on the left navigator menu. 
  • You will see a table that needs to be filled out weekly. 
  • The top three fields are for pending transactions this week only.
  • The bottom four are for closed transactions this week only.
  • Every week, you will have a new table to fill out. 
  • All the data entered will auto-populate into the charts.