What are key business numbers? How do I enter my key business numbers?

Your key business numbers will help you and your coach keep track of simple pending and closing transaction data. To enter your business numbers, locate and select Business Numbers on the left-hand navigation bar of your Workbench portal. On the Business Numbers tab in the upper-left corner, you will find the Enter My Business Numbers box. The first three metrics, Total Active Listings, Total Pending, and Pending Sales Volume, track your pending transactions for the current week. Below you’ll see metrics for New This Week, Listings Closed, Buyers Closed, Gross Commissions, and Gross Sales Volume. In these four boxes, you will track what you have closed this week only. Please note, that Pending Sales Volume and Gross Sales Volume refer to the current or final purchase prices. You will enter your numbers in all seven boxes for the current week only. These boxes will be blank at the beginning of each week.