Introduction to Daily Success Habits (DSH)

What are Daily Success Habits, and how do I track my numbers?

The Daily Success Habits Tracker (DSH) allows you to record your daily money-making activities. Creating a habit takes time and consistency, as does success. Setting a consistent schedule and being proactive, not reactive, is the first step on the path to success. In a competitive market, prospecting gives us a competitive edge. By actively seeking out new business opportunities, we can stay ahead of the competition and secure our position as top performers. Prospecting empowers us to be proactive, agile, and constantly evolving.

  1. Log into Workbench,
  2. Click on the Success Habits" tab on the left-hand menu. 
  3. You will see the Daily Success Habits table, which you can fill out daily. 

In the Daily Success Habits (DSH) Tracker, you have the opportunity to log your daily activities. Each activity is assigned a specific point value. The goal is to accumulate 61 points per day. When you successfully reach this 61-point target by the end of the day, you can consider it a successful day. However, if you fall short of the goal, you can make adjustments to your schedule the next day to allocate more time for completing your activities.