Where do I go to access my WSS Main Google Folder?

Team Leaders:

The easiest place to access your Main WSS Google folder is through Workbench.

  • Log in to Workbench and select Coaching from the left-hand menu. On this page, you will see the Trackers (Google Drive) tab. This tab will have quick links to most of the important Google Sheets documents as well as a link to your Main Google Folder, where you can find all of your Google Docs. 

Team Members:

There are a few different ways that team members can gain access to WSS Google documents. 
  1. The Resource Library. The Resource Library can be accessed in Workbench through the menu on the left-hand side, where all of the WSS Google documents can be found. These documents can be edited and saved by making a copy and then uploading the file to your Google Drive.
  2. Through your team lead. Team leads can give their team members access to WSS Google documents. These files can then be copied and saved to the team members’ own Google Drive.
  3.  The WSS client support team. A team member can also receive their own Google folder by contacting the client support team through our Help Desk. The easiest way is by opening a ticket. From here a member of our team will give you access to all requested Google files.